The Ranch


Why choose BRRC?

Battle River Ranch Camp is a unique, one-of-kind place in Canada dedicated to providing life and job skills training to men from all walks of life and backgrounds. Our residential, hands-on training experience helps men discover and develop the skills necessary to be successful in the trades. We also encourage trainees to challenge themselves to grow as individuals, develop character and maximize their God-given potential.

People come to the Battle River Ranch Camp for a variety of reasons. Most come for our six month residential job and life skills training, but some have come for shorter term skills training. 

Some come because they have been struggling with addictions of various sorts and have missed out on education and/or job skills training. For some it has been substance abuse, for others it has been an addiction to gaming which has taken over their life. Some have come from backgrounds without those issues and they simply want to pursue a trade, but aren't sure what their strengths and gifts are.

For all, the underlying reason is the same -- they want a better future and they have come to the ranch to find it!


We're here for you!

Since 2008 we have been mentoring and training men, helping them gain life and job skills. We provide a safe and stable environment where men have the opportunity to grow as individuals, to develop  positive character traits that will be an asset in their lives once they leave the ranch and join the employment ranks. We are a Christian, faith-based program, because we know that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important foundation to build your life upon. Therefore, we encourage trainees to find their own personal walk with God to help guide them into their future.


Come find your purpose!

Thinking about becoming a trainee? We offer you a stress free, rural ranch location to relax and look inside to find your strengths, gifts and talents. It is a home environment with home cooked meals and your own room. There is a steady rhythm to life at the ranch as you learn to tend to chores, the various animals and our bees as we try to be as self-sufficient as possible. Who knows, you might even get to milk the cow! 

Expert journeymen from various trade backgrounds will come and teach you practical hands-on skills. You will get to try your hand at using heavy equipment, welding, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. It is a rich time to grow and experience a variety of job skill opportunities. And of course, there is plenty of time for fun camaraderie as well, as you make new life long friends!