Which direction in life?

  My name is Sacha and I am a grateful graduate of the Battle River Ranch Camp. I grew up in a Christian home and had committed my life to Jesus as my Lord and Saviour prior to attending the ranch. At the end of high school, like most kids in my church, I began to look for a career in the work world. However, in my search for a career path I became disillusioned and not sure what direction to focus on or where to go next. I took a job on the assembly line at a nearby car manufacturing plant and was making good money, yet I felt there had to be more to life and had a desire for more meaningful work. 

Although the job was okay and paid well, I found it very hard on my body. Growing up and living in southern Ontario, not far from Toronto, gave me many opportunities, and yet there were many challenges to actually getting into the workforce as a tradesman. The importance of staying strong as a Christian was also a priority to me and I was always being challenged in the work place. I knew I had skill to work with my hands and I felt that I could be a good tradesman, yet I needed to know what trade I would be best gifted in, and once in the trade, it was important that I be able to make a strong stand as a Christian.


There's such a place as the ranch?

  My parents had heard about the Battle River Ranch Camp - this life skills and trades ranch that is Christ-centred and focused on helping you find your God-given skills, while at the same time encouraging you to work in the workplace with excellence as an ambassador for Christ. I had never heard of such a place or even thought such a place existed. Yet there they were, out in the middle of nowhere, and it looked like it was possible for me to attend and to become all that God had created me to be. It was very exciting!

During my time at the ranch I was immersed in many different trade experiences, from construction to equipment operating, welding, electrical and plumbing. I came to understand that learning at least a little bit about all of the trades would ultimately help me to become a better tradesman.


Was it worth it?

  Today, with the support of my family and the opportunity to train at the Battle River Ranch Camp, I am a fifth-year plumbing apprentice and employed by a large company in southwestern Ontario that does new, commercial plumbing. I am excited about where my career is going and the opportunities that are now available to me. I also enjoy going to work every day, have a beautiful wife and I'm able to work at my job as a man of God with confidence, integrity and excellence. My employer and fellow tradesmen seem very pleased with my workmanship and my attitude in the workplace. 

Thank you to Jesus, my family and to Battle River Ranch Camp, Harold and Diane, the great staff and all those that prayed for and supported me on this incredible journey!

God Bless you all.