Our Team


Ernest Salmond

     God has called us as believers to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Not only are we to lead them to Christ but we are to teach them to walk with Him. This is our goal here at BRRC.


My role as the manager at BRRC allows me to take all of my life experience and use it to teach and mentor young men to not only be followers of Christ, but to be productive members of society. 


My desire is to provide a place where hope is still alive, in a world where many have simply lost hope. We want people to know, there’s always a second chance or maybe even be a first chance to those that need that hope. 



Shannon is Ernest"s wife and the second half of the Ernest and Shannon team! She provides the home environment for the trainees and provides great home cooked meals to look forward to after a day of training!


Harold and Diane Stephan

As the founders of the Battle River Ranch Camp, Harold and Diane are full-time ambassadors for the ranch, travelling across Canada sharing the good news about the opportunities available at the ranch with those in need of a new start in life.

For more about Harold and Diane and how the ranch began, read our history page.