Our Journey


How it all started!

  Harold Stephan has been a journeyman plumber for over 43 years. He is also a commercial gas fitter, HVAC technician, sheet metal fabricator and installer, a refrigeration technician and an oil and diesel burner service technician. Together with his wife, Diane, the Stephans ran their own plumbing business for 23 years. During this time, they had helped many young men enter and complete a trade. 

In 2008, in response to a vision that the Lord had given them, they began to direct their efforts toward young people who needed help finding their way in life, and the Battle River Ranch Camp was born.  Eighty acres of rolling land in southeastern Alberta was generously donated for the purpose of helping young men and women who find themselves lacking direction in life, find meaningful purpose through life and job skills in a Christ-centred setting. To date the ranch has been focused on helping young men, often from a background of difficult family situations that has led to substance abuse and a lack of education, find a productive future through the life-changing residential skills program at the ranch. 


Background and Equipping

Harold and Diane were married in 1976, but it wasn't until 1983 that they surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ from lives filled with addictions and dysfunction. Harold then spent ten years in the AA program.

The Lord has blessed them with 6 children; four sons and two daughters. Today, along with four daughters in law, and one son in law, they also have nineteen fully charged grandchildren! Each of their children are also involved in ministry, including some with the ranch offering guidance on the Board and helping train trainees in the plumbing trade.

Harold and Diane spent 10 years with their family, directing a youth camp. Harold is blessed to be a licensed pastor with Saskatchewan Faith Community Ministries and with Fellowship of Christian Assemblies mentoring under reverend John Lucas Sr.  Harold also has 2 years of chaplaincy training. As a couple, they have been leaders with the Alpha program through their local church, as well as leaders of a Christ based addictions recovery program. Harold is a past chaplain for the Gideons ministry, and a past board member of their PAOC church.
He is an active Chaplain of the Christian Motorcycle Association and is a community service chaplain.
Harold is an active member of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship and spoke across western Canada and Germany for this ministry.

it is clear from their background, that together, they have a passion for ministry and using their own life experiences to share how God can completely transform a life and give renewed hope and purpose. 


Distinguished Recognition

In 2012 the work of the Battle River Ranch Camp with its focus on investing in the lives of young men, many from difficult and troubled backgrounds, was recognized by the Governor General of Canada, when Harold Stephan was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for the contribution to the betterment of Canada.