About Us

Our Mission


Our mission is to be a safe and supportive environment where people can come to learn life skills, discover their gifts, and ultimately realize God's purpose for their lives.

Our Team


Our amazing team is committed to helping our trainees be all that they can be; to find their true gifting in the skilled trades, and to grow as individuals in all aspects of life and character. Our goal is to serve our trainees in order for them to find hope and encouragement for their futures! 

Our History


Seeing the need for men today, often without real purpose and direction for a variety of reasons, but too often due to drug, alcohol or now, gaming addictions, we created a place for them to find their purpose. Since 2008 we have consistently provided training and mentoring to men with a desire to chart a new course for their lives!


Invest in a changed life!

 Your support and contributions are needed to enable us to continue to provide a man with the life and job skills he needs to become all that God has designed him to be; a faith-filled, responsible, contributing member of society, as well as a good husband and father. 

We thank you for your partnership and your investment in the lives of men through Battle River Ranch Camp.

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