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Tuition Fees / Start Dates

Tuition fees are $1,800.00 per month (includes Room and Board and Training).  The trades training program is five (5) months and can be started at any time throughout the year.

Post-dated checks are required for the full five (5) months and dated for the day you begin the program. For example, if your start date is September 5th, your checks will be dated for September 5th, October 5th, November 5th, December 5th, and January 5th. You may choose to use Pre-Authorized Debit instead of post-dated checks, in which case, a voided check is required. Your post-dated checks or a voided check will be required two weeks before your start date begins.

Also, each trainee is required to have $250.00 extra spending money to cover costs for extra-curricular events that may take place during their stay at BRRC.

General Information

  • Life skills programs will run in semesters year round, with each semester encompassing a complete construction project.
  • Weekly youth camps during the summer months will offer all the usual summer camp activities plus the opportunity to get a taste of what the trades are all about.
  • Room and board is provided for all students.

Application Form

When an application is received, it is reviewed by the Director and the Board. All applications are subject to acceptance and you will be notified.

Enrollment will be limited to preserve the quality of learning, and those with a history of addiction will be asked to demonstrate their commitment to life change through a minimum of one year successful involvement in a recognized recovery program prior to enrollment.