Introducing Trades & Life Skills Learning

What Do We Offer?

At a reasonable cost, trainees have the vocational knowledge and skill resources they need for maximizing their potential in their work-place of choice; making a better impression with their families and communities through a responsible, yet effective initiative discovered in Christian living.

Discovering the Next Generation of Tradesmen!

Our mission is to help people with the skills needed for today's workplace. As we work together at the Battle River Ranch Camp, our staff encourages each student to become a participant in daily activities commonly overlooked as digital media continues to shape our lives. Although we focus on the foundation of the basic principals required by trades business, we are determined to bring out the best in each individual at BRRC as we nurture and mentor them to open their heart, seeking to honour God in all areas of life. Additionally, this focus will help drive the satisfaction that will propel them into a lifestyle based on motivation, extending genuine compassion to others as active and moreover productive members of the work force, their community & their church.

We Offer a Daily Meal Plan, Activities & Devotions

Graduate with your Certificate accredited to your choice of professional and personal development when you complete this six (6) month course featuring all inclusive meals, only at the Battle River Ranch Camp.